Do Cats Have Lips?

In the beginning, there was a big orange book called The Chicago Manual of Style, a cubicle, and a newly minted copyeditor fresh from her previous career as a book maven. Our heroine struggled to learn the intricacies of setting references and read whole chapters from the big orange book. Some chapters she read twice.

When she found herself querying “Do Cats Have Lips?,” she knew she had arrived. Promoting gender equality in sewing books or questioning scientific jargon became just a day’s work. Why teach literature to inner-city kids when you can edit books about tatting doilies with dental floss?

When the lack of natural light caused her to wilt, she decided to go freelance. Now she edits from her kitchen table. Her that/which deduction is enormous.


12 responses to “Do Cats Have Lips?

  1. Some people have arrived to this blog to actually find out whether cats have lips. According to Mr. Google, and we all know how reliable he is, cats do have lips. In a quick non-double-blind survey of the household felines, the large tabby does not have noticeable lips, but the elderly little black cat does.

    The question came up in regards to a craft project involving a mosaic cat with lips. We decided that because it was a mosaic cat, lips were artistic license and thus acceptable. After all, cats don’t have purple daisies for eyes either. Then I moved on to whether turtles have toenails, but that is a whole other post.

    • LOL, that’s exactly why I came here… to find out if cats have lips. My cat was outdoors today and I was inside looking out at him through the window, and he meowed at me. In that moment, I found myself wondering, do cats have lips. I thought yes but am glad to have confirmation of this belief.

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  5. Life’s web never ceases to amaze me, demonstrating over and again how wide and tiny is the world we live. This freelance editor sought the answer to the same question for the same reason, albeit a different manuscript. Thanks for the smile.

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