Climate Change and the Copyeditor

I’m thinking that “slow as a glacier” is not such a good metaphor anymore. The glaciers have become a time bomb waiting to go off…or to melt and to drown our cities and in many cases islands and whole countries.

We have lost the immediacy of a lot of metaphors over time. Dead as a doornail. Raise your hand if you’ve seen a doornail recently. Goose-neck lamp. All you city dwellers, when was the last time you saw a goose?

I worry that we’re replacing agricultural or arcane technological language with business-speak: In the pipeline. Coming down the pike. Are you on board with that? Let’s actualize that.

What is your least favorite metaphor?

5 responses to “Climate Change and the Copyeditor

  1. What I find amusing is that “thinking outside of the box” has become such a stock corporate, middle-manager in-the-box phrase.

  2. SjG, This post is categorized as “Please Kill Me” for a reason. I spent a certain part of yesterday trying to explain to someone why a hotel that claims to create a personal, superior experience for all guests might actually be a cliche.

  3. I have a deep, personal vendetta against textile metaphors: if one more author writes about “weaving” the “threads” of their “tapestry” and they aren’t actually making a quilt, I … well, I guess I will just continue to complain about it.

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