Some trinkets

Au query of the week:

Bug OK?

When you’re a proofreader, it never hurts to glance at the pictures, even if it isn’t your job (and some may argue that it is—it depends on the publisher). If you’re editing a book about fruit trees, look at the pretty inspiration pictures for exotic peach borer beetles among the fruit. Nothing says “I want to plant beautiful fruit trees!” like a crop-killing beetle.

Au: Please rethink your acronym

“I did LSD for eight weeks. Hmmm… that didn’t go very well.”

It turns out that LSD stood for long slow distance in this book about running. But that’s just not the first image that sprang to my mind.

Au: No. Just… No.

“That is, the increments ‘try’ to make the modeled western boundary currents separate from the coast sooner while the model apparently ‘wants’ the boundary currents to ‘hug’ the coast for longer.”


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