On writing a blog rather than writing a novel

Today I horrified myself by having a faint desire to write. (This was not the horrifying part.) Instead of getting out my poetry notebook or typing up the essay draft I wrote the other day, I went straight to this blog. Fuck. The blog is eating my creative energies. I will never write again.

Or maybe this blog is an appetizer. I burble a little onto the (virtual) page here and then I dive into the main meal, which is my writing projects. Except that I usually go from blogging to editorial work.

Maybe I should stop editing and write all the time. But then what would I blog about? Also I’ll have no electricity to power my computer if I stopped taking editorial work. Maybe I should just get up earlier in the morning.

What does blogging or reading blogs keep you from doing?


7 responses to “On writing a blog rather than writing a novel

  1. I have an irresistible urge to quote Douglas Adams: Life, the Universe, and Everything.

    In other words, I think I waste too much time online.

  2. Why are you all so guilt-ridden? I see blog/creative/technical/recipe/administrative/scientific writing as an important part of my day. Writing is writing. Writing is good.

    It’s like exercise. you can run a marathon. that’s good (maybe). Or you can walk up the steps, instead of taking the lift (that’s good too). Or you can walk the dog (what’s wrong with that?).

    All of your writing is good writing even if comes out in different forms. I am sure your characters and plot benefit from your blog writing in ways you can’t even start to imagine. Mine do.

  3. Your own blog can be … your public accountability, I think. Like, I post about random bs, but on occasion I post updates about my progress, and darn it, I DELIGHT in passing a milestone so that I then have something to talk about.

    And blogs are different from Facebook. Facebook is populated by your friends, who hate everything you talk about (according to surveys). Your blog is for the only people who will ever appreciate your genius: total strangers.

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