Doubt Everything

I was happily editing away. No, that’s a total lie. I was begrudgingly editing away, thinking about how I made the mistake of reading the first book of a trilogy when the two next books aren’t even out yet. Oh the pain.

Fortunately some part of my brain was paying attention because I read right over a small phrase “paper-quilling has been around for the past few decades.” I went right past it but my brain disentangled itself from thinking about what was going to happen to the brother in the next book and suddenly stopped. Despite my penchant for editing craft books, I know very little about crafts. I had a vague idea what paper quilling was. I had an even more vague idea that I might have seen old dusty paper quilling somewhere from the forties.

The forties are not “the past few decades.” It turns out nuns in the Renaissance paper quilled decorations for books from the trimmings from gilt book edges. I possibly learned this from Wikipedia. While I despise the unreliability of Wikipedia, I do not suspect them of completely fabricating history. So I changed decades to centuries.

So pay attention even when you don’t know what you’re supposed to pay attention to. What’s your best recent catch?

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