The Many-Worded Road

There are many ways people can get to Fangs and Clause. Here are some of my recent favorites from Google:

why some people don’t never celabrate fathers day

Unlike some Google searches, this question lead to an actual answer on my blog. I hope the searcher stayed for the grammar and the spelling.

comma in fathers day

I’m going to answer the question that wasn’t quite asked here. It is my assumption that by “comma” the searcher meant “apostrophe.” Chicago recommends using an apostrophe when you have a noun (father) modifying another noun (day) unless it is a proper noun or a corporate name (and we all know how corporations fuck up the English language). Thus it should be father’s day.

that’s what she said mixed drink

While that wasn’t exactly what she said, it was definitely what she should have said.


2 responses to “The Many-Worded Road

  1. I was wondering about your spelling of “lead.” Is that a typo or am I wrong in thinking it should be “led”? –thanks

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