Copyediting in an empty house

When I went freelance, one of the most apt pieces of advice someone gave me is that you have to have a very strong ego and super-ego. I possibly had to look up those terms, having never taken psychology, but when I figured out what she meant I was nodding in agreement.

As a freelancer you have to get a lot of your encouragement, drive, and motivation from the inside. While you no longer have bosses yelling at you every five seconds about their projects, you also no longer have anyone to remind you when something needs to be in. Your inner project manager must lay out your day, plan the agenda, and make sure you get your work done on time before you sit on your porch and drink mint juleps.

The main feedback I receive is silence. I figure if I don’t hear from the client, then I’ve done what she wanted.This is not always good for the delicate ego. I still haven’t figured out how to cope with this one. I guess you know in your secret heart of hearts whether or not you gave your client a good edit. You know what you did well and what you didn’t. You just have to listen to yourself.

I am going to be a bachelor for a few weeks. There are things to enjoy living by oneself (a whole bed to myself!), there is also no one to make sure on a rainy June day that I don’t get up, eat some cereal, and go right back to bed. What will keep me from breaking into the vodka at 3:30 pm, otherwise known as the dark hour of the soul?

So in this time of possible wallowing in bed eating bon-bons and drinking bourbon, I need to be extra strict with myself. I need rules. Systems. Order. Lists. Calendars. Regimens. I also need to get the fuck off the internet and back to my editing project. Ta!



2 responses to “Copyediting in an empty house

  1. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the caged Mama bird talking but I think doing what you’re not allowed for the next couple of weeks sounds divine. Remember, these moments don’t come ’round too often. You gotta take advantage when you can.

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