Moving Advice for Freelancers

This move is eating my life. Moving in stages is wretched. Every time I get some order over the chaos, more of my belongings suddenly appear in my new house. (And by suddenly appear I mean I help carry them over box by box.) In my last move, I could escape the chaos of the house and go into an office where I knew where everything was and could get a consistent cup of coffee. How should you move when you work at home?

1. Pack all work essentials in a box.

This is the most important thing. Pack everything you need to work for a month in one box, label it well, carry it in your own car, know where it is at all times, don’t let anyone move it or pile other boxes on top of it. You can go out and buy envelopes if you misplace yours (ahem, that would never happen to me), but you can’t replace your invoice book, if you have one, and the Chicago Manual of Style is fucking expensive.

2. Clear out a work space.

So maybe your new office, should you be so lucky to have one, is a repository of extra furniture while you scramble to get your house moved. No problem. Get a fucking card table and set it up in a marginally clean corner of your new house. Work in the bathroom if you have to. Use those boxes of books as a footrest. Growl at anyone who tries to usurp it and remind him/her that this is your workspace for your job. Threaten to move book boxes into his/her cubicle.

3. Find a good space to work outside the home.

Dudes, the library is your friend. The coffeeshop is your friend. Your friend’s kitchen is your friend. Find a place outside the chaos so you can meet your deadlines promptly instead of calling the managing editor in tears because you decided to hang curtains instead of work on your book on underwater basket weaving.

4. Make time to work.

Your moving work is never done. You will never finish it fast enough. There’s always one more thing. So shut the fuck up and buy yourself a fancy coffee and get some freelance work done. If you can’t pay your bills, you’ll be evicted/foreclosed upon and will have to move again. And you’ll need the extra cash for the chiropractor.

At some point the move will be finished. Right? Right??


2 responses to “Moving Advice for Freelancers

  1. oh man, i couldn’t agree more. we totally fucked up when we moved. projects were in the midst and clients got pissed off because we hadn’t planned ahead. we wound up working out of a motel 6 halfway through our 24-hour drive for a couple of hours because we dropped the ball so bad. awesome article.

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