Copyeditor’s Advice to Spammers

1. Learn how to spell.

You won’t get far on an editor’s site if you say “You’re blog post is insparing.”

2. Know your audience.

I know that the whole point of spamming is that the spammers don’t know your audience, but hear me out. Yesterday’s spammer asked me who I paid to write my site, telling me that this amazing person must garner me all my traffic. I have one thing to say to them. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I write this goddamn site in my bunny slippers, wreathed in a haze of coffee and ire. I get nothing but personal satisfaction from it.

3. Hire some English majors

They probably need the work. And they can spin more compelling stories than “My roommate would be intersted in your article. Ill send him note.”


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