Working on the Weekends

I know, I know. You’re not on the Internet. You are rollerblading in Santa Monica or going for long beautiful bike rides through the New England countryside. Fuck you all. I’m sitting here and working. But that’s OK. I get to take coffee breaks and walk outside at almost any time of day during the week.

Today’s rant? Crafters who can’t keep their math straight, the use of the word “unique,” and the fact that my partner didn’t make me biscuits and bacon this morning to go along with my coffee.

Unique: Nothing is unique. Really. Especially not sparrows printed on typewriter keys.

Geometry:  Your use of the word “parallel,” dear author, is also irritating to me. While parallel angles do exist, they are not formed by a pen and paper.

Husband: He did make me an egg sandwich the other morning, but I’m the household biscuit-maker. So I guess he’s off the hook, for now.

As for your nanowrimo types: Get off the internet. Don’t you have a novel to write??



5 responses to “Working on the Weekends

  1. Gee, thanks for sending me to nanowrimo. I hadn’t thought about writing a novel in a month, but if I didn’t have a text book to write in six months (not to mention a few dozen essays to mark), I just might have considered that.

    Did you see the nanowrimo’s sponsor(s) (they put the “s” there only hopefully, I think, as there seems to be only one)?: Literature and Latte. Have you used their Scrivener software before? It looks interesting to this software junkie. Do you know anything about it?

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