We Recruit

I found myself encouraging two different people to become copyeditors yesterday. In my defense, each of them have expressed interest. I marked up one of my student’s papers yesterday with proofreading marks. When I first started to work with students I had to learn not to mark up their papers as if they were proofs. Students kept asking what the little tails were on things I deleted. I had to stop paying attention to en dashes. Freshmen just don’t need to know; they have other things to worry about.

But this student asked. and so I talked her through all the little things I strive to ignore in student papers (hyphenate nineteenth century when it’s a modifier; use an en dash between page numbers; use an en dash in author–reader relationship, etc.). It was downright cathartic.

How do you recruit?


(PS Shout out to my grandmother who was born approximately 114 years ago today.)


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