Let someone else do the talking for a change

What does a cranky copyeditor read for fun? After a whole day of changing it’s to its and fixing passive voice, the brain gets weary. Editorial ire burns through my veins. I entertain fantasies of raising dogs for a living. And then I turn to Yo Is this Racist?, and spend a happy fifteen minutes reveling in schadenfreude. Ti’s main goal is to be funny and educational, and that’s something I can live by.

There’s an interview with the author of the blog here. And he also recommends Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog at the Atlantic for those who are interested in reading a less smart-ass, but no less smart, take on culture and sometimes race.

More interested in the intersections of ethnic identity, LGBTQ identity, and geekitude? Who isn’t?! I present to you the magnificent George Takei and his blog, That Blog is So Takei. The title comes from a hilarious/poignant video in response to a Tennessee law where teachers will be forbidden to say the word “gay” in the classroom. Takei offers his name for the cause. (This link is safe for work unless you’re an educator in TN.)

For those of you who, like me until quite recently, have no idea who George Takei is, let me tell you. He was Captain Sulu on Star Trek, and was an early proponent of gay rights. His most recent project is a musical about the Japanese-American internment camps in World War II.

Maybe all this racism, sexism, and homophobia is getting you down. Who is it safe to make fun of? Why, hipsters of course! Or maybe authors who are more famous than you are?

Where do you get your kicks?




2 responses to “Let someone else do the talking for a change

    • When I turned the ripe old age of thirty, I bought myself a pair of pants on sale that I adored but that were too long. I decided that since I was thirty damn years old I should know how to hem my own damn pants. And so after a quick consultation with my mother, who despaired of me, I hemmed them. Let’s just say it looked like a clumsy seven year old did the trick. I wore them anyway and was secretly proud.

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