January and the Freelancer

Legions of gainfully employed people wake up, look out the window, note that it’s raining, hailing, snowing, or that there’s a plague of locusts on their doorstep. They become mopey, knowing they have to brave the elements to go to work. They look at their freelance spouses and hate them just a little bit as the spouses pour themselves another cup of coffee and watch their loved ones put on their boots and go outside to shovel out their cars.

But the freelancer still has to deal with January. It’s bleak. Our spouses are crabby. What used to be a pleasant walk to the coffeeshop is now plagued by rain, snow, and locusts. Not even the dog wants to go out. So what do you do? Do you buy a sun lamp? Move to Southern California? Hibernate? How do you get through the doldrums?


One response to “January and the Freelancer

  1. I’ve diagnosed myself with seasonal affective disorder. It kicks in around January, peaks in February, and lingers all the way through April. I just kind of hunker down and muddle through — not the most compelling or effective solution!

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