Simple, my ass

Today’s post is inspired by the following  quote from a national newspaper about a work of art “[name redacted] is a nod to simpler times.”

And what simpler times are these? Was it when black people had to step off the sidewalk if a white person walked by? Was it when children had to feed livestock before going off to elementary school? Was it when a woman had to fetch wood, light (or relight) a wood stove, bake biscuits, fry bacon, and make coffee before their children got up to feed livestock? Was it when you had to take a horse to market? Was it when you had to churn your own butter and sew your own clothes? Or was it when your children died from diseases you didn’t even have a name for?

Or were the simpler times when white men could assume privilege without feeling guilty? Or were the times simpler because people weren’t flooded with a gazillion advertisements a day? Is life simpler without the Internet? Or cars? Or snarky blogs that pick on your every word choice?

No. Life’s a bitch and it always has been. Think before you fall into a cliche.

What’s your pet peeve today?



2 responses to “Simple, my ass

  1. SERIOUSLY. I frequently get into arguments with people who sigh and make some remark about how things “used to be better back when.” Back when when? Oh, the 1950s? When factories were churning out every kind of newfangled processed food imaginable (twinkies! TV dinners!) and women were discouraged from work and domestic violence was hush-hush? THOSE WERE THE FUCKING DAYS!

    • Sing it, sister! And let’s not forget that most of the people making that response weren’t even of voting age in the fifties. (And if you were voting, you might have been hauled up before the House Un-American Activities committee.)

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