Precious Resources

Folks, help me help you! I’m trying to build a resource list of go-to sites for the freelancer. What informative rather than snarky resources help you get through the working/editing/writing day? I’ve got a bunch of sites that help me set references properly. Do you guys care? Would that be helpful? Or should I just go back to insulting authors who set a journal twenty different ways in the same reference list?


Indy Clause


2 responses to “Precious Resources

  1. I feel terrible about this! This is probably the only posting you’ve ever made to which no one–I mean no one!–has replied. And this may be the only time you have cried for help (i heard the anguish). Lazy bastards!

    And I can’t even help you out, as I am but a poor author. Oh yes. I CAN help, but not with resources. I’ll do my best to set my journals no more than two different ways in the same list. Ever again. Or, maybe three, but surely no more than four. OK. Does that help? Even a little bit?

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