Internet Privacy

There is no privacy on the Internet. I’m sure you’ve all heard scary things about Google’s new privacy policy which will link all google searches to your google or gmail account. This means that when you do an internet search for that weird wart on your toe, a drunken search for your ex, or to look for the answer for a sexual question you’ve had for years, that somewhere that info is all linked to your identity.

If you are an editor or writer it gets even more complicated. We google all sorts of crazy random shit. This week I googled synagogues, rare cancerous tumors, the geography of Berlin, hacker lingo, and a further assortment of medical terms all for work. The collection of data on my searches, between personal and work searches, has got to be pretty weird. And what if future employers would be able to access that info? Yeah. That scared the shit out of me too.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has some tips on how to keep your search info from being quite so personally identifiable.

I’ll bet one of my readers knows more about this. Feel free to chime in.


2 responses to “Internet Privacy

  1. I gave up worrying about this years ago and just assume that somewhere in the great halls of government there is a thick file with my name on it. After all, who can research things like plants verboten to bring into the U.S., names of Mexican drug cartels, types of bullets, and genetically altered foods + reproduction without getting on someone’s list. If they come knocking on my door, all i can do is explain what I do and show them examples (which should get rid of them quick).

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