My Public Awaits

To be a writer is to reveal. Sometimes we reveal once we publish. Other times we talk too much in bars. I love hanging out with writers because they’ll tell you just about anything you ask. And I’m a nosy sumbitch. (Downith: That’s Southern, possibly Southern/Midwest, American slang for “person, possibly unsavory.”)

To be a blogger is to reveal even more. Blog writing is less calculated. We just blurt it all out on the virtual page. And I have a bunch of new friends because of that. But there are a few of you who know me in person. Some of you are even related to me by blood. As I rage through the blinking windows wordpress provides, you call me if you think I’m in trouble. You congratulate for my keeping “in character.”

And I look at fellow editors and writers with websites. I don’t have a writer’s website, and I find myself wanting to link to my blog when in my writer persona. But my blog is anonymous so as to protect my editing career and to allow me to curse as much as I like. And, yet, this is my most vital presence online. So do I reveal all? My buddy T30SB and I have discussed this at length. She is “out” and I am still “in the closet.” If I were to publish the fucker once it’s finished, should I come out? This blog has nothing to do with the fucker contentwise, and I have no interest in publishing a book off the content of my blog. My identity is the biggest not-secret since Tom Cruise’s sexuality. I’m not famous, no one knows me, no one cares, and yet I’d hate for a potential client to google me and be put off by my blog.

The problem with writing is that when it’s going well you want to share, share, share. It’s a weird fucking world. How do you deal with this form? Do you sign your emails with your fake name? Does the Internet know too much about you? Do you bare it all?


9 responses to “My Public Awaits

  1. Wait a second, you’re telling us you are possibly unsavoury*?

    Oh oh.

    Yeah, that’s not my real name or email address on my blog. Nope. Totally made up to protect me from unsavoury people.

    *(“u” used advisedly)

  2. Indy,
    The question becomes would your honesty become tainted by outing yourself? This is a place for you to vent with less control than I assume you use in real life. Would you drive yourself mad second guessing every rant should a prospective employer find you here?
    I use just my first name, unless I comment in which case the blogger knows who I am. I do it that way intentionally, because I stand behind what I comment on. It also keeps me in check (most times) and out of hogpiles, and if the blogger wants to reach me they can. Sometimes I can’t be fully honest, but who of us ever are, or should be?

    • It’s far more likely that I’ll forget my audience and then wonder why I can’t get a fracking job.

      (That would be “fracking” in the geek sense [from Battlestar Galactica] rather than the hydraulic fracturing [,0,6022113.story] that causes earthquakes, etc.)

  3. Being anonymous was the only way I could write. It was the key I needed to unlock a block that had been created 30 years before. There are times when I’d like to come out, when I’d like nothing more than to meet and hang with certain bloggers, but I know I’m not ready to throw down that mask. One day, maybe, but not yet.

  4. I’m totally “out” (if I may be so presumptuous to use the present tense despite my lack of blogging for so long) — although I do sometimes wish for the freedom that anonymity would grant me! There are editing topics galore that I could write about with gleeful abandon if only the circumspection compunction would go away. Those posts I just compose in my head, where they stay.

    p.s. I think of BSG every time I read an article about natural-gas fracking!

    • I like how it works together, the use of the word on BSG and natural-gas fracking. It’s not like either is a good thing, you know?

      And I’ll bet if you were anonymous you would still be blogging!

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