Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts. Word is a giant pain in the ass a lot of the time. If it were made for editors, you could search for tenses and I would know how to move from footnote to footnote without scanning the whole document. But one thing that it does OK sometimes is keyboard shortcuts. Two key strokes can replace going up to a menu, finding the right entry, and clicking a couple of boxes.

Now everyone knows (or should know) that Ctrl [Command for Mac users] X is cut, Ctrl [Command] V is paste. I have a list here that I created in my pre-Mac days, but most of them are adaptable to Mac. However there are keyboard shortcuts beyond your wildest dreams.

My new keyboard shortcut is Command + [ to make the font smaller and Command + ] to increase font size. Fuckin’-A-right! as my young man says. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to make beer o’clock come just a little bit faster.

Even if you don’t spend all day pulling the cursor around the page, you gotta admit that it’s slightly exciting. OK, OK, it’s just me. What other amazingly helpful editing tools do I not know about?


7 responses to “Keyboard Shortcuts

    • That’s about the only one I did know. Have bookmarked your other post and, I say, old girl (that’s Brit for hey, girlfriend) I’m going to impress the heck out of my husband with my newfound knowledge – he probably knows all them and more.

      • I told my young man (which is pretentious independentclausese for the man I married) that I found a new keyboard shortcut I was excited about and that I was going to blog about it. He shook his head and said pityingly “No one is as excited about keyboard shortcuts as you.”

  1. on a PC:
    control and windows flag button ( minimise all your open programmes)
    control page down (move down a screen at a time)
    control page up (move up a screen at a time)
    control arrows (move cursor one word in whatever direction)
    control 2 (double space)/control 1 (single space)

  2. I love shift + F3 to toggle cases (make a series of capitalized words lowercase). Ctrl spacebar is very handy if you want to get rid of any character styling (ital, bf, superscript). Ooh Ctrl + plus for superscript/subscript is also a nice one. And personalized keyboard macros are a gift from heaven!

    • Ctrl + Spacebar !!!!!!! (The others are among some of my favorites as well, although on a Mac, the toggling cases doesn’t translate and I didn’t have the patience to find it in the new Mac World Order and so I made my own.)

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