Calculating more than tip

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you might know that I alternate between supporting my readers through the scary world of numbers and admonishing them to shut up and do it. Numbers couldn’t possibly be THAT scary.

Now you all get to make fun of me. Today’s crow pie is brought to you by my new gig, which requires me to recognize elements of an equation in order to figure out whether things are laid out correctly. My talents do extend to recognizing whether a subscript number in an equation is italic, but you now want me to be able to identify Froude numbers (hint: It has nothing to do with Tolkien). I’m so screwed.

But on the bright side, if all goes well, I have a couple new gigs and thus new material to entertain and horrify you with.

What’s in your crow pie?



3 responses to “Calculating more than tip

  1. I would be more than happy to make fun of you if I could feign any knowledge of Froude numbers. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Sheldon will mention it on Big Bang Theory.

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