Writing about disasters

Here’s my edit of the week:

major life-threatening damage

If it could kill you, the fact that it’s “major” could go without saying.


4 responses to “Writing about disasters

  1. Not quite the same thing, but how about “Newspaper Title Prize for Writing about Disaster”?

    After the devastating earthquake in Christchurch where lives, and the whole centre city were wiped out, snow fell on the ruins. The Press (I think), titled their report of this weather event:

    “Icing on the quake”

    I realise this isn’t what you were looking for, but worth repeating nonetheless!

  2. These are those pesky little things we write down in a flash and are so very thankful when someone — you! — saves us from our redundant selves.

  3. I love this! I see this so much in my own writing but have the good fortune (I think…) to be able to write it out initially without a thought about it. If I stopped everytime, I’d never get anywhere. The fear is not catching all of them the second, third or fourth go-round.
    I read it and only would have loved it more if it was a “minor life-threatening damage”, and yes, I’ve found that here and there in my WIP. I writes goodly.

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