In Praise of the Minuscule

As a copyeditor, I am paid to notice details that no one else but retired English teachers with too much time on their hands will notice. Sometimes this is boring, but I know that it is important. Not save-your-life important, but have-a-professional-publication important.

And so, what did I do Wednesday afternoon? Did I send money to starving children in Africa? Did I make great strides in cancer research? Did I write the Great American Novel? Nope. I went through and looked at every step in my step-by-step craft book to make sure no step numbers were repeated.

After that, I made sure that all bead sizes were hyphenated (8-mm) and that every tip was set as <TIP> rather than <VARIATION>. There are more significant ways I could spend my time. But I don’t fucking care (today). I am the professional gloss of your manuscript.¬†Checking one more time is how I roll.

How do you roll?


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