Eating Peas

I am not a systems thinker. In general, I am ass backward. I do it the right way or wrong way often enough that it becomes a pattern. Then, six months later, I realize I have a system. This is not necessarily the best way to be a copyeditor. But you gotta work with the material you have.

If I were to make a resolution, it would be to be better about following my own systems. I am a little too fond of flying by the seat of my pants. But my systems are born of experience, born of knowing that I fucking hate to edit references and will leave them to the last minute if I don’t do them first. And if you leave them to the last minute, sometimes you find out on the day that a project is due that an author has been plagiarizing. This is not a sound business practice.

Eat your peas. No dessert before you finish your mashed potatoes. Edit your references. Check your author queries twice, even if it is the most tedious thing you’ve done all week.

What’s your system? What’s your excuse?


7 responses to “Eating Peas

  1. I would never eat dessert for mashed potatoes. I am a mashed potatoes addict.

    We had a friend who “embellished” his resume. Landed him a kick-ass job in a new city. Sold his house and arranged the relocation with wife and kids. The day before the moving van showed up, the company called and rescinded their offer. They’d made some, ahem, discoveries.

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