Typos vs. Indy Clause

I don’t do too badly. So I type “teh”* more often than I type “the,” but I can catch it usually. I used to scrutinize these posts like I were applying for jobs. But now I just look it over once or twice, hit publish, and get back to work. One of my faithful readers happened to point out a typo in the previous post. (Don’t bother looking for it, it’s gone.) It wasn’t the occasional mangling of grammar I let myself get away with for effect. Nope. It was one of those basic errors that overeducated people use to separate themselves from the masses.

Oh well. I have shit to do, the world to complain about, and a bunch of schlock TV to watch when the day is done.

Have a good weekend.


Indy Clause

*For the record I typed “the” as “teh” four times while composing this post.

**And thanks to my cousin, who sent me this. It turns out I am not alone.


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