What I’m Doing Instead of Writing

Editing (at least this is a money-earning proposition)

Writing resumes (also a money-earner)

Updating my website (in hopes of earning money in the future)

Starting a blog on my website (I decided to do it. It’s informative, but not very interesting.)

Walking the dog (necessary, but it still isn’t writing)

Drinking beer on the porch (at a decent beer-drinking hour)

Watching West Wing and a SciFi series I am too embarrassed to admit even in my anonymous condition

Emailing my friends (good for my friendships, bad for the writing)

Reading a bunch of memoirs I didn’t write

Panicking (oh, god, there’s so much work to do in writing a book, why didn’t I realize this before I started?)

Staring into space

Jogging (the idea is that this will help me settle down and write)

Calling my friend who is going to read the draft that is due in oh six days and talking about writing (feel better for about ten minutes because said friend is enthusiastic and supportive)

Writing posts for Fangs and Clause

Twiddling my thumbs

Hectoring other people about their writing (ahem, you know who you are)


Checking facebook (remind me not to engage anyone in serious conversation on facebook)

What are you doing?

3 responses to “What I’m Doing Instead of Writing

  1. Sweating profusely. But it’s hard to complain after three months of rain. However this is the small matter of lack of air conditioning – it’s not worth installing if we use it 3 days a year.

  2. Downith, you really don’t want air-conditioning. Really! that’s the downfall of North America, and the world in general. Some of us were raised in the torrid muggy south, without air conditioning, and less than a hundred years ago. But we survived! And so can the world! Americans, rally! turn off your air conditioners, sweat gracefully (and gratefully), and use fans, or other more sustainable means of cooling.

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