Oh, come on now!

Here I am, editing, minding my own business, using my paid work to justify not writing, and I look up an acronym. I look up acronyms approximately 3.2 thousand times a day. It turns out Wikipedia is really helpful in matters of biology. Who knew?

Anyway, in the process of looking up “cullin” to see if it should be set with a capital letter as the author does intermittently in the text, I see “RING,” which is an acronym I had queried for the author of my previous paper to expand.

What do you think “RING” stands for?

Really Interesting New Gene.

Either Wikipedia is fucking with me or the scientists were. Have they never heard of the concept of a working title?


4 responses to “Oh, come on now!

  1. Oh my dear you have no idea how many TLA’s (three letter acronyms) are used in medicine: TIA, EKG, DVT, SVT, on and on. Have you come across FLK yet?

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