What brings you by?

My friends,

Over the last two years my blog has shifted from being an impersonal ranting and raving about my editing work to a place where I rant and rave about writing and share all sorts of ridiculous personal details about my life.

Am I gaining readers? Am I losing readers? Do you miss my editorial ire? I want to know what is going on in your little readerly heads. Please humor me and take my poll, especially if you are one of my silent visitors.

Or add your opinions below. And don’t worry, I’m not going to give you the old heave-ho, I’m just trying to decide which part of my ranty/ravy brain I wish to encourage in this place. Thank you, I am nothing without you.


Indy Clause


11 responses to “What brings you by?

  1. Your honesty compels me to read your blog. Your “in your face” attitude, “grab the reality by the balls and squeeze it” apprach towards your work and life, your profane language, attracts me to your blog.
    Ofcourse, the pieces on grammer, editing, writing, ect are also useful.
    I look forward to reading your blog to feel “not alone” in this world, that’s so fucked up(in my mind).
    So, keep doing what you doing!!!

  2. Where did you get the idea that some sort of close-ended multi-choice answer poll thingy would ever capture what your feeling, thinking readers believe? I’d say poetry (or limrickcy) would be much more effective:

    I stumble each day to this blog
    Which wrenches me out of the fog
    Of my own self-absorption
    Even though I Ignore some
    Of the snark you dish out like a frog.

    PS-if I am good enough to be a judge for the worst-poem-in-the-world contest, I am also good enough to write for it. Eh, sis?

    • Cougar, the capitalization of each line is positively prehistoric. Your stretch to rhyme is painful, and your mother is turning in her grave at your pathetic use of meter. “Fog” is a total fucking cliche and the mixed metaphor at the end is enough to make any self-respecting poet want to curl up and die. However, it was an absolute joy to read. Thank you.

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