Monkeys at Typewriters

In true Chicago style (and I mean the town, not the book), you guys voted early and voted often. It turns out that most of you come here for the snark, and the preference for my editorial ire slightly edged out more empathetic feelings about my writing life.

Thank you, my friends, I will keep on keeping on. And since it’s been a rough few days and I don’t have much to say, I will leave you with my new musical obsession.


Indy Clause


6 responses to “Monkeys at Typewriters

  1. And,not only will I read anything you write, I’ll call you and criticize it too!

    But, how can I call you if you won’t pick up your phone (where are you)? And how can I tell you about what the editorial committee said about MY book proposal, if you won’t pick up the phone?

    Yes, readers, Indy’s big sister writes too. And one of us learned heaps from the other of us, but I won’t tell you which one and from whom…. (na na na na)

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