Wrapping Up

Goddamn, but do I have problems wrapping things up. They say it’s a common problem with ADDers, they [we] feel as if the bulk of the work is done and the rest is just irritating detail. I’d go a step further and add that there is no more time for another pass or another revision to improve anything, to fulfill the potential of my ideas, or to catch one more error. The damn editing work or the writing piece has to stand on its own.

Fuck, but that’s terrifying. It’s D-Day, the day I turn the whole damn draft in to my friend. She’s not even scary, it’s just that I’m incapable of slogging through my last little changes. I have two chapters that just need a read and a bit of a reorganization. Maybe an hour each. Maybe less.

But I can’t do it. What do I need? Whiskey, ADD meds, and/or some goddamn chutzpah?

What’s the scariest part of the draft for you?


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