The Boss

In college I learned that it hardly mattered what class I took, as long as the professor was good and it wasn’t calculus. Some fifteen years later, I am realizing that the job doesn’t matter if the boss is good.

I’m pleased to be working again with a former boss, who was one of my top bosses ever. I can be direct yet mostly diplomatic with him, he is direct yet diplomatic with me. We speak the same language; I will work my ass off for him, and he will go to bat for me.

I forgot how important it is to have a real understanding with a client/boss. If there is no respect, or if you are expecting two different things it will never work out. So I may not be making mad bucks, but my working day will be a reasonably pleasant one.

And a little tidbit for The Boss fans. I adore his Nebraska-style work.


4 responses to “The Boss

  1. That’s great news, Indy! I’ve had a couple of good bosses in my life, and a slew of bad ones. My favorite boss could not have been more different from me in lifestyle, but we had a solid relationship based on mutual respect and a desire to do good work. You can’t ask for more than that.

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