Biology or Science Fiction?

I had a ridiculously poor education in biology in high school. As a result, when I start editing biology papers, it all looks new to me. Or it did at first. Then I started to realize that some of the phrases I came across were familiar, not because I had learned them at school, but because I had been watching Star Trek. I kid you not. I don’t know whether that is encouraging or not. But for future writers of science fiction, I offer my favorite ridiculous-but-true biology terms. Use them well.

1. sonic hedgehog

2. knockout mouse

3. flourescent green proteins

4. transgenesis

5. cultured blastemas

6. morpholino antisense

7. anti-human serum

What am I missing?


8 responses to “Biology or Science Fiction?

  1. “Morpholino Antisense walked with a limp as he only wore one shoe which promptly fell off when he dropped through the manhole. He was having a very bad day in a string of very bad days.”

    Tell me he doesn’t beg to be a character?

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