Ice Cream and Editors

My new project involves a repackaging of an already published series of books. I’m mostly cutting and pasting, writing transition sentences, and taking out the author’s (irritating) verbiage. In a few places I write a paragraph or two to help reorient the text. These are not going to be hard-hitting works of great stature.

Here’s how the meeting with my managing editor went:

Indy: So, you want me to write a little bit of intro?

ManEd: Yes. But  keep it light. I’m envisioning the tone of these works as a sort of kiddie cone vanilla.

Indy (not one to shy away from a metaphor): Not even real ice cream, just soft serve, right?

ManEd: You got it.

From an exchange a few days later.

Indy: Um, ManEd? Am I going too far if I talk about the Angel of Death?

ManEd: Hm. [Indy looks hopeful.] As I see it you’re dipping into the double fudge ripple chocolate-chip ice cream on a chocolate-glazed cone topped with chocolate doughnuts with a side shot of bourbon.

Indy: Oh.

The Angel of Death bit was super interesting and not even out of context, believe it or not. But, since I’m trying to be a good monkey with a typewriter, I will try to be lighter, less interesting, and more crowd-pleasing. But only in my project. You’re still safe coming here; I’m still dark, cranky, and free with curse words. In addition, I’m lactose intolerant, so the ice cream is all for you.

How do you sell out?


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