Is this an editorial blog?

Can’t talk about commas now…too busy thinking about the BREAD I’m going to make tomorrow. My fall resolution was to use my freelance lifestyle to bake bread. Here’s how I see it going.

1. Wake up, make coffee, check email, open document to edit.

2. Immediately get up from table and start cooking. Add yeast to water and whisk in flour, oil, whatever. Put it in a warm place to rise.

3. Edit a chapter.

4. Punch the bread dough down. Knead. Or something. Let rise again.

5. Edit another chapter.

6. Braid challah loaf, bake.

7. Do second pass.

8. Surprise one of my favorite colleagues (who is stuck between a recalcitrant son, sick mother, daughter just gone off to college, and other woes) with fresh challah on Friday morning if all goes well.

Wish me luck!!

PS The recipe makes two loaves, so you know where you’ll find me Thursday night: under the table, scarfing fresh bread in utter disregard for any rules of when one should eat challah. The Young Man will be out of town, so the bread is mine, all mine!


11 responses to “Is this an editorial blog?

  1. Mmmmmm. Fresh bread. My last meal? Yup, it’d be bread and butter, the good stuff none of the heart healthy crap.
    So if there’s a knock on your door, leave a bit of floor space for me under the table. I’ll follow the crumbs. You may need to make an extra loaf. Mmmmmmmmm…

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