Words I Hate Today

Dear author,

You have a strong command of the English language, and mostly manage to create elegant sentences. But if you use the word “eventuate” again I may have to commit hari kari (CE note: Capitalized?) on my ballpoint pen.

All the best,

Indy Clause

Other words I can’t stand today?




develop (not a bad word in general, just overused here)


What words do you hate?


11 responses to “Words I Hate Today

  1. I think I’ve said this before, but ‘source’ as a verb makes me insane. Although now that I’ve been introduced to ‘situative’, it’s moved to second place in the word-hate category.

  2. “Regularity” reminds me think of bowel movements.

    “To tell the truth…” makes me want to respond with, Oh, you were going to lie?

    “To make a long story short ….” = Oh dear lord, this is going to be the longest, most boring story I’ve ever heard.

    Twitter. I tweeted.

  3. “Inform” when the informant is non-human, as in: “These results can inform practice.”
    “Birth” as a verb, as in: “the woman can birth naturally,” and
    “As such” in all of its guises.

    and, another vote for “eventuate,” “scaffold,” and did you say “congruent”?

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