Perils of Freelancing

1. The Internet. I just looked up “life-long” to see if Merriam-Webster hyphenated it or not (not, which was what I suspected) and thirty minutes later I come to, having changed my facebook profile picture to the silly card that says “Twilight Drinking Game: Drink 40 shots and then press play so you die before you have to watch the movie.”)

2. The dog. His new favorite thing to do is to eat his food directly behind my (rolling) chair. His food is in the kitchen, but he likes to eat over the rug. The little poodle-thing we used to dogsit did the same thing. I have no idea why.

3. My brain. I have a deadline streaming toward me, and I thought for some reason that I had to write a blog post about my dog. What the fuck is wrong with me?

4. Apathy. See 1 through 3. It’s not that I don’t care about my work in the abstract. I do. I’m just having a very hard time focusing on the job at hand.

4a. Can I blame the ADD? The change of season? The fact that I worked this weekend? My friends? My husband? You guys for being so interesting?

5. Help.


10 responses to “Perils of Freelancing

      • (I know you’re still here ….) My dogs both have to eat over a rug. The puppy likes to walk under the dining room table (aka my desk) and rub like a cat against my knees. It’s a wonder I get anything done, internet or no.

      • Snort. Of course I’m still here.

        What’s up with the rugs? I thought it was a poodle thing, because our dog is half poodle (back half), but maybe it’s a dog thing. Now that I think about it, the dog I grew up with used to take her biscuits into the dining room, where there was a rug. I thought it was because she wanted to eat where we did. My mom wouldn’t let her eat her food anywhere but in the kitchen.

  1. Great article! I distinctly heard one of us whisper, very loudly, that we are to refrain from taking ourselves too seriously as we pursue this amazing career. I too find myself writing about my pets when facing a deadline. (In my case, I write about my cats.) I enjoyed your honest perspective and your self-awareness of your work.

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