Happy Coming Out Day

Yes, it’s October 11, National Coming Out Day. Commonwealth readers might wonder if coming out is a strange American ritual, but it isn’t. It is about telling someone that you are gay (or in my case, bisexual).

Why does it matter whether you’re bisexual? I come here for the grammar and correct use of the en dash, I don’t care about your sexuality.

The reason coming out is important is that it’s much harder to hate something when you are personally involved. It’s easy to think that gay marriage is practically bestiality if you think gay people are two men walking naked through the streets of San Francisco and you are living a quiet Christian life in Ohio. But it’s harder to look your neighbor in the face and tell her that she shouldn’t marry her partner, who maybe gave you home-grown zucchini last year and helped you jump your car last week.

Some of my friends think that Republicans are horrible and stupid. But I grew up in the South, and I know that they aren’t all bad. I have actually had warm friendly discussions with Republicans. Make sense? Coming out isn’t just for gay people. It’s about putting a human face on things people have stupid assumptions about.

And bisexuality? Sometimes it’s not a phase or experimentation. It’s simply an attraction to both genders. It does not determine my views on monogamy. I choose to come out about being bisexual, because for many years I dated women and it had a profound effect on how I view myself, my relationships, and the world.

And, because I’ve been talking about music, here is my favorite bisexual song ever:


8 responses to “Happy Coming Out Day

    • Listening again to Ani, who was on heavy rotation in my college years, reminds me what a good writer she is.

      And, coming from a partial Maritimer such as yourself, Happy COD is hilarious. Thanks :).

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if everybody could come out of wherever they are. Or, even better, if a coming out wasn’t even necessary? Yes. That sounds just about fab. Love to all.

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