A Day in the Life

You’ve heard me go on and on about my skull-and-crossbone pajamas, an essential part of my own freelance lifestyle. But what do I actually do all day? Here is a sampling.

9:00 Finish coffee, finish emails, and get the fuck off the Internet and get to work.

9:10 Is “taste bud” one word or two?

9:15 Wait, how long have I been on facebook? Get the fuck off facebook and go back to editing.

10:00 I’m hungry. Make sure sure to pick up the cat food so that the dog, who appears to be sleeping soundly at my feet, doesn’t eat it the second I leave my desk. He’s sneaky like that. Try some of my friend’s fennel and apricot bread. Faint from sheer joy and vow to make her some delicious bread.

10:02 Cruise online looking for a bread cookbook that I will buy from an independent bookseller.

10:04 Realize that I’m not working and get the fuck back to work. Congratulate myself on only being off-task for a few minutes.

10:15 Briefly wonder why the editors decided that the chapter subtitles rather than the chapter names as the running heads. Make note to check for consistency. If they are consistent, worry about it no longer.

10:20 Look up spelling for cholecaciferol. Realize that although I spelled it wrong, my author spelled it correctly.

10:30 Check e-mail. Carry on an insult war with oldest friend. Go back to work, smiling a little.

10:35 Feed the cat again. Restrain irritated response, I am glad that she is eating. Go back to work.

10:45 Realize I’ve only edited twenty pages. Reflect that this is OK, the text is dense. Reassure myself that for once it was mostly not because of my Internet usage. Reflect that I should probably rethink how long it is going to take me to do this job and thus affect the schedule of my other jobs.

10:46 Not in the mood to worry about it. Go back to work.

11:06 Suddenly realize that I haven’t been keeping track of whether “vitamin B” is capitalized throughout. Shit. Panic.

11:07 Flip back and realize that the author has been pretty consistent. Anyway, the editor is going to send me the Word draft soon, so I can double-check the capitalization courtesy of Find and Replace.

11:10 Start a blog post about the ridiculous details of my life in hopes that specificity is, in fact, hilarious, if used correctly.

What are you doing?


2 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. Hmm. Except for the cat and the vitamin B, my day sounds remarkably like your day. At the moment I’m waiting for the coffee to brew. Nothing happens before the first cup.

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