Are you funnier than Downith?

Because of an overactive imagination, I spend far too much time coming up with ridiculous pseudonyms for me (myself) and mine to keep the anonymity of my anonymous blog. (Please eat this blog post.) But there are times when the imagination needs a little jogging.

OK, friends, here’s how it’s going to go. I’m running a two-part contest to select a new name for my young man, who just had a not-so-young birthday. Right now, Downith—in a feverish daze—has come up with “The Man Formerly Known as Young” a la Prince and “Dangling Participle.”

Add more suggestions below. Cougar and I will choose the top four, and then you can vote on your favorite. The person who manages the right name for the Not-So-Young-Anymore Man gets a top-secret grand prize.

Enter early and often. Bribes accepted. You must be 18 or older to play. If you happen to  know the person I’m married to currently, don’t hesitate to chime in, anonymously of course (you know who you are).




17 responses to “Are you funnier than Downith?

  1. Great minds think alike. When cougar told me about the competition I came up with the man formally known as the young man. Maybe you could give him a symbol. % or * or even !. On another note, is it fair that cougar is judging a competition she has entered? (Ahem nurse fuzzy wuzzy)

  2. I have some back-channel suggestions:
    Adjunctival Clause (although the author of this did note that “Clause” might be reserved for those of us who were born to it rather than married into it)
    Comma Spice
    Rhetorician General
    The Walking Dude
    Director of Wedgies Receivable

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