The Furor Fades

I’m back from the land of Wii, LEGOs, and Thomas the Tank Engine. I sprung my cat from the vet this morning. And now I’m sitting down to work or write or surf the Internet or something.

I had two minor writing epiphanies on the long drive home yesterday. Maybe they were more thoughts than epiphanies, but sometimes I like those long drives for time to think. DP and the dog slept beside me in the car and I realized that I was going to ease up a bit on my editorial work in January so as to up the writing. Up the ante yet again.

I figured out what the tension in the beginning is going to be for my schlock novel. Unfortunately I have no time to work on it, but I wrote it in the MS anyway for when I win the lottery and do nothing but write. And I realized how to work in one of the things that had been bugging me in my manuscript. I still haven’t quite figured out the time line in the beginning, but that’s OK.

What did you learn over the Christmas madness?


7 responses to “The Furor Fades

  1. That my daughter is getting more immature as she gets older. *sigh* That I really can’t do more than one thing at a time. *sigh* That I still don’t know how to time a dinner that involves turkey. *sigh* That I wish I’d kept that little dog, as I wake up every morning in tears, worrying about him. *quadruple sigh*

  2. I learned that, if I am ever to have complete freedom, I must find a way to make a living writing. Either that or win the lottery. Of course, if I were to win the lottery, I think I would spend each day writing.


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