What the fuck should I write about?

I’m a big fan of writing prompts, but not the stupid ones like “write a poem in anapests where the first and last lines are the same.” I prefer prompts that are actually feasible. Put your pen to your paper or your fingers to the keyboard and try one of these out. They say if you write 750 words you can’t help but say something at least partially worthwhile.

Write about not sleeping.

Write about something that happened during a storm.

Write about the worst sex you’ve ever had.

Write about a secret you had when you were a kid.

Write about a crush.

Write about something you are afraid of.

Write about something you’ve always wanted to know.

What’s the first national event (or tragedy) that you remember?

Write about someone you don’t know.

If you are a mad Word with Friends addict such as myself, write a story using the words of a game.

What the fuck should I write about?


5 responses to “What the fuck should I write about?

  1. I have this wonderful book of prompts, though I can’t think of the title now and my Kindle is upstairs and I’m too lazy to go get it. Oh! I remember. A Writer’s Book of Days. I can always find something to write about in that book.

    YOU should write about the bad sex. And then post it.

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