As you’ve heard me yammer on before, baking bread is the ultimate freelance task. You mix some flour and yeast, let it sit, go check your email. Then you mix in some more stuff and then knead your bread, which releases anxiety from the fact that your client hasn’t (or has!) gotten back to you. Then you put it in to rise for an hour and two and get some work done. Then you punch it down, trying not to pretend the bread dough is your author’s face. Then you let it rise again and edit a few more pages. Throw it in the oven, bake it, and then eat hot bread straight from the pan before your significant other comes home from work.


But I know not all my readers are freelancers, and today I have discovered a simpler, easier bread. DP called it “cake without all that sugar.” I made buttermilk whole-wheat Irish soda bread, because we had some buttermilk leftover from a (successful) mango lassi experiment. But nonbuttermilk soda bread is pretty easy too. Just mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients and bake for 35 min. Delish.

Now, excuse me, I have some freaking writing to do. How about you?

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