Edit of the Week

Seven participants used the adjective noun meditation to describe their experience

And then I went home and cried.


7 responses to “Edit of the Week

  1. As you know, Indy, I was on the road yesterday, and could only read this on my not-very-smart smart phone. The strike-out did not show.

    I didn’t know what was wrong. All I could think was that the sentence was missing quotation marks. I was trying to think what “noun mediation” might be and what it could be describing. I then presumed that this was an anti-academic posting. (After all, Dr Cougar uses words like “momentary memory” and “self-diagnosis” none of which are terribly elegant (but required by her field), and Indy is often dismissive of academic writing).

    So I am glad to see the full posting on my computer screen this morning, and to realize why Indy was pulling out her hair. The thing that surprises me about this embarrassing mistake is that a person who obviously doesn’t know parts of speech would use them to organize her findings.

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