I discovered the best workout the other day—-

bwahahahahaha. Don’t worry. I’m just fucking with you. When I say spinning, I’m talking about my head. I am stone cold sober, but AWP is coming up, as is a trip to the Olde Home Town. I’m arranging interviews with people for research purposes. I’m arranging a drink with one of my oldest friends. I’m figuring out who I need to see in order to survive AWP. And yet, I still have a paper to do today. Editing doesn’t stop even though I’m turning into a total schmooze. [Ed. Plea: Can someone with a better grasp of Yiddish than I have tell me wether the “c” is gratuitous on my part?]

Edit. Write. Schmooze. Plan more writing. Print out a poem for a writer’s group. Check facebook. Marvel that I wrote a poem. Check facebook. Write a blog post in order to figure out what the hell is going on in my head. Listen to the Punch Brothers. I love all this stuff, but how do I keep track?



6 responses to “Spinning

  1. Makes me think of that song, “I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning.”

    I hope AWP is not a “bourgeoisie shitstorm”. Please keep detailed notes of every session you attend.
    You do take shorthand, don’t you?

  2. Where is this bourgeois shin dig happening anyway? Meeting any fellow bloggers? How are you marketing yourself? Poet? Editor? Blogger extraordinaire?

    Oh, and the “c” is absolutely not gratuitous.

    • Boston. No, everyone went last year, rat finks. I’ll probably bring some of my editing cards should anyone want to hire me. Other than that, I’m slumming it as a writer. Indy will not be making an official appearance.

      And as for the “c,” thank god! I’ve been hamming (ahem) it up for years like that.

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