AWP Round II

Today I did not leave AWP feeling as if I had been run over by a truck. Instead the feeling was more like being run over by a particularly heavy bicycle. This is an improvement.

Here’s what I learned today:

1. It is more important to talk to people who are your friends than to go to panels. I came in later, and had a good talk with a friend. The guy sitting next to us (whose sandwich I mocked by mistake—long story) started talking to us and it turns out that a) he’s moderately famous and b) he was a really nice guy and we all had interesting things to say.

2. People who check their email during a poetry reading should be smacked upside the head at the very least. The poetry reading was a reading by Cave Canem. I had never heard Tracy Smith read, and her poems were so good that I cried. (Well, that and they were about missing her dead mother, which is really why I cried, but they were still quite good.) The other readers, some of whom I heard before and others of whom I hadn’t, were great. It was a fantastic reading.

3. I don’t care how good a writer someone is, an animated lecture about why arts are important has no place at AWP. Instead of preaching to the choir, tell us something we need to know. I walked out of that one and went back up to get my book signed by Tracy Smith. Swoon.

4. I’m a lot funnier when I’m pissed off.


5 responses to “AWP Round II

  1. This is because you’re going to poetry panels. No More Poetry Panels!

    And you’re right on about meeting up with friends as the top priority. Amen sister.

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