Ira Glass on Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship is not what he calls it, but they (whoever they are) say that it takes 10 years to become a “grown-up” writer. 

Think about how good Glass sounds on the radio and how many times he says “like” in this video. Now think about your shitty first drafts and take heart.

Thanks to Downith for this post (my apologies for stealing what could be a post, but I’m sure you have a lot more to say about it).


Indy Clause


6 responses to “Ira Glass on Apprenticeships

  1. I saw this awhile ago and all I can say is he’s right. I must have stellar taste to suck as badly as I do…
    I believe the good Doctor C. made a point of saying self-loathing wasn’t confined to writers? I would have to agree. I can self-loathe in any career and successfully do.

  2. Aren’t writers supposed to (and there’s that horrible phrase again) write a million words before they’re “ready”? I don’t know if that translates into 10 years or not . . .

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