I’m preparing to a trip to Ye Olde Home Town. While I’m there I’m going to interview people for my book. I found my voice recorder, I need to buy ear buds for the train ride. I’m printing out some things to read for research on my way down. I’m going to buy some books in case the articles get boring. I’m trying to decide whether I can justify buying new shoes.

I love paring down, packing light. I love traveling with a purpose, making the time in transit focused on new things. I love that I’m doing this mostly for my book. I love that when I get there I’ll have my sister’s car and the freedom to go about my own business. My business next week is writing. The people I’m interviewing are treating me seriously. They set off time for me to meet with them. I love that I’m bringing them coffee and that I’m enough of a former coffeeshop employee to remember how they like it when they tell me.

What is the change of seasons bringing for you?


10 responses to “Preparing

  1. You are absolutely justified in buying new shoes—enjoy yourself!!

    The seasons are bringing me sinus weirdness and inspiration in equal amounts. it’s a good pain . . .

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