Rhyme like no one is going to kill you for it

I love the Texas Tornado’s use of rhyme in this song. It’s goofy in both Spanish and English. “If you’ve got the dinero, I’ve got my Camaro.”

If you want a slightly more serious take on rhyme, try the following. Its definitions of kinds of rhyme are not necessarily what you would call them in poetry, but it’s still pretty cool.

Is this the blogging equivalent of showing a movie in class?

(Please note: Independent Clause and her nonexistent affiliates are not responsible for any bodily harm you may incur by rhyming too much in the hearing of others.)


6 responses to “Rhyme like no one is going to kill you for it

  1. Non-existent! What you mean?
    I am real and can be seen!
    Don’t mislead your readers so
    Or I’ll come knocking at your door!*


    * yes, I will. See you on the 23rd

    • You are a relation
      not an affiliation,
      if you want to change your status
      you would have to donate at us*

      *That’s the royal us and ungrammatical, besides, but oh those are the sacrifices one must make for art.

  2. Wow. I knew rappers work hard—just like other poets and lyricists—but I didn’t know actual rhyme columns were involved. I’m doubly impressed!

    Though in my questionable opinion, nothing beats “dinero” and “camero” for sheer class.

  3. I knew there was a reason I loved Eminem so much. All that internal rhyme is the reason I can’t listen to his music and be still; the lyrics generate this sort of rocking motion, like a river.

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