Writing and Editing

Friend: Do you have a blog that’s not about editing?

Me: No.

Friend: Because I think it would be funny to read your opinions on things other than writing and editing.

Me (to self): Do I have opinions on things that aren’t writing and editing?


15 responses to “Writing and Editing

  1. Oh, have no fears, I feel like I’ve diversified away enough from editing. This blog is staying as is. Although if I get a book contract, I’m coming out. And please email me about book recommendations, I write pisspoor book reviews. (PS Sarah, just read “American Ghost,” by Janis Owens, you [and Teri] should read it.)

  2. I love your blog Indy. I came here for the snark and editorial tips but as the blog has grown my favorite parts have become the newer stuff you’ve started doing now and again about you, the more personal stuff. But that’s just the way I’m wired.

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