Yeah, I’m supposed to be writing, what’s it to you?

Sometimes writing benefits my household. Today, instead of writing, I have taken out the recycling, run a load of dishes, and started making goddamned Kaiser rolls (to accompany DP’s lovely pulled pork). And it’s not even eleven o’clock. I even answered a work email and submitted a poem. Jesus Christ, somebody stop me.

What are you doing instead of writing?


9 responses to “Yeah, I’m supposed to be writing, what’s it to you?

  1. Cleaning up after my older daughter’s sleepover, reading someone else’s novel, running the dishwasher (I feel so close to you, now) and hoping you’ll send me some extra homemade kaiser rolls.

    (but I edited three chapters yesterday and it’s only 11:30 right now, so I might get some writing down today. After the baseball game . . . or maybe during)

  2. I just bought a car. How’s that? But won’t be driving it, because I’m about to get on a plane and go visit Indy.

    Since we’re such good little house beetles, here’s my hint: use the dough hook on your kitchen aid mixer (Indy has TWO!!) to pull your pork. Cleaner and takes about two seconds. Save some for when I get there?


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