Fuck terrorism, let’s talk about baked goods.

No, that doesn’t work. I just deleted my sentence about heightened security, the 24-hour news cycle, and eroding civil rights. That didn’t work either.

Let’s talk about marathons. Sports bore me. I don’t care, I can’t keep track, la la la, let me go read my book. However, Dr. Cougar is a runner. I grew up shouting “Go, [cute nickname redacted]!” from the sidelines of the track. I played in the sandpit with my nephew (who is just 5 years younger than me), and we threw ourselves on the mat that catches pole jumpers.

I kind of like marathons. At the Boston marathon, college kids (and adults) have the day off and sit on Beacon Street, drinking, cheering, and handing out brownies. At 5 and 6 o’clock, when the stragglers are panting their way through, there are still a few people cheering them on long after the elite runners have gone off to their hotels. (What do elite runners do after the marathon? Collapse? Eat a cheeseburger?)

Read this from the Washington Post. “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.”


6 responses to “Feh

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday, Indy, but figured you were busy tracking down friends and didn’t want to bother you. Of course I KNEW you were not anywhere near the race. Fucking terrorists.

    I love sports; I love elite competition and what it takes to be the best; I love the beauty and power of a fit body, and the dedication and pain it takes to get that body; I love seeing how someone takes the pressure in the moment; I love displays of sportsmanship.

    • I didn’t know anyone running, and my one friend who works a block from the finishing line was safe at home.

      I used to go to work just in time to watch the elite women come through. They were amazing. I’d dart across the course, praying I didn’t run into an elite runner. (I’m joking, sort of, I waited until they went by, but can you imagine?)

  2. Elite runners look around for their support crew and hope someone’s got dry clothes for them (with suitable sponsor’s brand). They head back to the hotel, and hope the tightness in the calves won’t set in before they have a bath to ward it off. And if they really gave it their all, they’ll have the runs after having had a run. Sorry, Indy, you asked.

    But, a thing that would make injury in runners at the end of a marathon worse than injury just any old time (although I suspect it was the spectators who took the brunt of it) would be the terrible metabolic disarray that comes from so much exertion, and which would certainly amplify the effect of the trauma….

    PS – have arrived! See you next week, Indy!

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