Da Cougar

Shhhh.  Dr Cougar here.  Don’t tell.  I found Indy’s password.  Really.  It was on a slip of paper between page 365 and 367 of Chicago 16.  Where else would you look for answers?  I’d tell you what it is, but then she might find out it was me.  Suffice to say, it’s a combination of mother’s maiden name, and the first lipless cat, with a birth year in the middle.  She could have made it harder, no?

Anyway, ‘nuff of this contest stuff.  She invites me in as a judge, then vetoes my choices.  I AM DA COUGAR (well, I am DR cougar, but replacing the R makes me look much more authoritative).  So, finally, I get to judge, and judge I will.  More disciplined than Indy, I don’t believe in second chances.  And while there’s some merit to Sarah’s new concision, it’s only replacing wordiness.  Teri wins too often, and Downith editorialises too much.

There’s a clear winner this time, and she deserves to win.  The best sentence?  “I sat by my Volkwagen Jetta and wept.”  Well done Indy!

Indy has had a big week.  Her (adored) big sister is visiting, her car has had a terminal fault, but she also got an essay published.  It is full of perfect sentences I would have wished I had written if only I weren’t so proud of my baby sister for writing them herself.


12 responses to “Da Cougar

  1. “Downith editorialises too much”

    First reaction: [redacted]

    Second reaction: Hmmm, will that be an asset in my future career as copy-editor?

    Third reaction: I asked about the damn car! Don’t I get any credit for that sentence?

    Congrats on the essay Indy.

  2. For those playing at home, the Jetta is back on the road. It’s been given the equivalent mechanical diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. But I’m going to drive it lovingly until the end of its life, whenever that may be.

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